Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding Nemo in our front yard

This weekend saw us stuck indoors with a massive snowstorm swirling outside. There was a complete ban on all cars on the road in order for plows and emergency and utility vehicles to move about unencumbered. I am not sure what our final snowfall was but it looked about 2-3 feet.
We lost power on Friday night and of course that meant the heating was gone as well so we were left with just the gas fireplace in the family room to heat the house. Luckily we still had water and of course a gas stove so we were at least able to cook and make tea and coffee.
We have been in the USA for nearly 13 years and this is the first time we have experienced a complete NE winter with no power and no heat and of course record amounts of snow.
I took some photos just to give you an idea of the storm.

The power eventually came on late Sunday evening. We are lucky as I know there are other families in our neighbourhood who still have not have power.
Hugs Adie

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