Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sad time for Bostonians

My heart and thoughts go out to all the people who were injured and lost loved ones in the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon on Monday.
We watched the race on the TV and really enjoyed seeing all the camaraderie between the runners. What a shock to then hear about the bomb blasts. Sporting events are meant to be about mutual competition not having bombs going off maiming and killing spectators and sportsman.
We live south of Boston so friends and relatives sent messages wanting to know if we were all ok, which thankfully we were, unfortunately the same cannot be said for the 3 dead and 170 others injured.
The most amazing thing about this sort of tragedy is how it brings the best out of people. In the days since the bombing the fund organized by the Governor of Boston has raised over $7 million already and I know there are other smaller groups trying to raise money to help the victims of this tragedy.
Sport teams set aside their friendly rivalry to stand together with the rest of the country as Americans.
 Boston Strong.
Hugs and prayers

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