Friday, September 6, 2013

Vellum Christmas Tree Tutorial

I was asked by my Facebook group to do a tutorial on how I made my Vellum Christmas tree. This is my first time doing a tutorial so I do hope it all makes sense to you.
I have used the Grand Calibur scalloped dies #6 and #3 and the classic Scalloped dies #6, #4 and #3. There are 5 layers to the tree.
I have not done the traditional parchment technique so this is the easy way to make the tree.
Picture 1 laying out the dies. I always include card stock when I cut Vellum or translucent Parchment paper. I find it stops the vellum from tearing or cracking.
Picture 2 cutting the dies, this is pretty straight forward, obviously you need a Grand Calibur for the # 6 GC Scalloped circle, but the CB can be used for the other sizes
Picture 3 tracing the lines from the template; remove the vellum from the green card. I have left it on so you can see more clearly. Normally I would use a white pencil crayon to trace with but here I have used a normal pencil which I will erase at the end. The solid line are embossed/scored from the back and the dotted lines from the front to make mountain and valley folds.

Picture 4 shows the perforating of the centre circles. I use a 2 or 3 needle perforating parchment tool from Parchcraft Australia. You can use punch or die if you have one that fits the circle.
Picture 5 colour is added to the back of the vellum. I have used a ProMarker you can use oil pastels or chalks. The ProMarkers do need to be blended with a cotton bud to get a smooth finish. Do this to all the layers between the centre and the scallops.

Picture 6 using a small ball scoring tool score your lines and scallops.  Solid lines and scallops from the back and dotted lines from the front. Erase all pencil lines.

Picture 7 now for the fun part; decorate each layer using stickers, stencils, stamps or punches.
Stamping on Vellum or translucent parchment can be done with Staz-On or Brilliance, heat embossing helps to speed up the drying time. I have stamped, dry embossed, used a punch and some peel-offs just to show the different ways to decorate. I am sure you can think of other ways.

Picture 8 I have removed all the centres you can cut them with scissors, a craft knife or a punch. Fold all the mountain folds then turn the layer over and fold the valley folds. It is a concertina shape.

Picture 8 is the centre cone I have used some green paper for this.

Picture 9 the paper is rolled to form a cone and using tape or adhesive stick the edges together. The bottom layer should fit on it fairly snugly so don’t roll it to tight.

Add all the layers onto the tree and finish off with a star or your own choice of a tree topper. I have used a Sizzix snowflake die cut.
Et Voila your Christmas tree is finished.

Hope this tutorial has been helpful. Any questions please ask


  1. This is adorable!!!! great job!!!

  2. Very nice Adie! Thanks for posting a how to! It was a lot of work for you to do so! Lovely tree!

    1. Thanks so much for the comments.It was an interesting exercise for me to do,makes me more appreciative of all those other tutorials out there
      hugs adie


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