Sunday, November 1, 2015

Parchment Grid Work

I needed to brush up on my Parchment grid work skills. I have used the same grid pattern on to different grids. The larger piece was worked on the PCA Bold Straight grid and the smaller piece on the Pergamano MultiGrid # 4. I have worked the embossing on both grids on the back of the paper and then turned the grid over with the paper still attached. Working through the grid I perforated the pattern using a Pergamano 4 needle tool (::) and a PCA 3 needle tool (...).The inside image for the larger piece came from the PCA Easy Emboss Christmas Coaster set and the snowflake (discontinued) in the smaller piece is a Pergamano rubber stamp. I have used a fairly new product called Sticky Ink and glitter on both images.
The whole point of this exercise was to see the size difference in the grids.
Now I need to make them into cards and send them off.
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  1. Oh, my goodness, you're good with the parchment! These will make beautiful cards!

  2. Thanks so much Leslie I do enjoy parchment craft work


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