Thursday, March 28, 2013

From England with love and now home to craft......

I have just spent 17 lovely days in the UK seeing my 2 daughters who are at University over there and of course taking time to visit other relatives and friends. The weather was bad but that didn't bother me coming from New England lol.
We spent a week in the Chichester area spending time with my youngest daughter and visiting friends in the Bognor Regis and Portsmouth area. My eldest daughter then left us to go up to Scotland to visit her St Andrews University friends.
It was pretty strange being in the same country with 3 of my children and not having any of them with us for the next 5 days. We stayed with friends we knew in South Africa and of course ate and drank far to much.
I did manage to get to a large craft store where I managed to buy products which are not easily  available here in the USA. Needless to say I was in my element.
One of the places on our list of things to do was a visit to the Tank Museum in Bovington. I had no idea there were so many different types of tank around. My hubby's father was in the tanks in the war which was the reason for the visit.

These are pictures of the Matilda tank he was in.
Our next stop was London to get our selves geared up for my middle daughter's 21st birthday celebrations. This is the card I made for her.The theme was Super Heroes and Super Villains.

We met up with our eldest daughter who had a fabulous time in Scotland and was now ready to bond with her sisters. We had a lovely family dinner with aunts,uncles and cousins at her local pub. Her party celebration with her friends was on the Friday at a club called Walkabout. Dad and I only stayed for an hour and left the youngsters to their celebrations. Our last weekend in the UK we saw the rest of the family to congratulate our niece and her fiance on their engagement.
Sunday we said goodbye to the 2 girls and left early Monday for home.
I have a few thank you cards to make to send to all our hosts and once those are made will post them on my blog.
Hugs Adie

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